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Our Services

PentaServ helps its clients gain significant competitive advantage by providing high quality, scalable and cost-effective services. These Services are:

Debt Collection

Consumer Debt Collection Services is one of the key focus areas at PentaServ. These Services include 1st Party, Pre-Charge Off, Primary, Secondary and other late stages of debt recovery. PentaServ has been successfully supporting and providing its services to some of the leading Collection Agencies in US.

The company follows some of the best practices in recruitment, training, and operations. The Operational Team is further backed up by the Quality monitoring and enhancement team. As a result of this, the debt collection team constantly strives to achieve the goals set by the client in the most proficient and ethical manner. Equipped with the state of the art technology, it is able to provide both inbound and outbound call handling services. The division is also capable of providing back office services to its clients.

Right Party Contact Services

In a highly competitive and regulatory environment organizations are always looking for higher efficiency, better compliance while providing good experience to the consumers.

PentaServ has the unique distinction of being the leading Right Party Contact Service providers in the Debt Collection Industry. PentaServ is uniquely positioned to provide a significant value for its Clients by using highly trained, experienced and proficient Right Party Contact specialists.

Transfer Agents/ Human Call Initiated Services

Based on the client’s specific needs, PentaServ can provide its Transfer Agent services using automated dialer, or manual dialing or using Human Call Initiated process.

Quality Monitoring

Based on your needs, PentaServ can provide you with customized Remote Call Monitoring Services. Working with complete objectivity, our QA experts can analyze various calls and identify the key concern areas and the opportunities for improvement.

Our QA Team can provide you with the required inputs for sustaining high quality services, while fully complying with the regulatory environment, on a continuous basis.

- Agent performance monitoring
- Call Quality monitoring
- Compliance monitoring and verification.

Software Development and Tech Support

PentaServ services range from Technical Help Desk to customized Software Development Solutions.

PentaServ services include provision of dedicated Software Development, Web Development and Testing resources. These additional resources will not only strengthen your team size in numbers but will also give you a significant advantage in the development of various packages.

- Custom Application Development
- Providing dedicated resources for Software Development, Web Development and Software Testing

Data Entry and Analytics

PentaServ can provide you with the Data Entry Solutions. Using customized techniques, our Analytics Team can analyze the given data and provide you with the required inputs, which will further assist you in taking strategic or tactical business decisions.

- Data entry
- Data Mining
- Data Analysis

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)

PentaServ provides various Back office and Front Office BPO services. Some of these services are Customer Care, Billing information, Order Fulfillment, HR Payroll & Accounting, Claim Registration & Processing.

PentaServ services will not only help you in saving cost but also give you a significant competitive advantage at the market place.

- Customer Care
- Billing information
- Order Fulfillment
- HR Payroll & Accounting
- Claim Registration & Processing.