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Process Analysis & Assimilation

We understand that no two businesses are alike and neither any two processes within a business can be the same. That is why we deliver a customized solution for your organisational needs. Our team of experts from technology, operations, quality control and training interact with your team to understand your requirement and your current process that you plan to outsource. Our team works out a set of documents outlining your needs.

Technology Customization & Integration

We are equipped with world-class technology setup with best-in-class products. However, we realize that before they can be useful to you, they have to be customized to suit your business process. Our team of engineers carries out all customizations related to call flows, agent screens, databases and reports. For instance, we need to play your company's welcome announcement when your customer calls in.

We believe, integration with your existing setup is a must for us to be able to function as a part of our organization. This ensures that we are completely transparent to your customer and it in turn helps the customer feel secure that he or she is actually dealing with your organization. The integration is carried out by our team of software engineers who work along with your technical team.

Process Training

The training department, the technology group and the quality control group together train agents into specific client processes. This training is conducted for every client and every different process.

To start with, we will understand the whole gamut of your operations, your requirements and your functioning.Then, we incorporate your vision, functioning and your requirements in to our training modules so as to familiarize our staff with your business. This is to make them feel comfortable in answering all queries related to your business. We understand that while dealing with your customer the agent has to behave as a part of your company and not ours. This is the reason why the agents go through all the screens and scripts related to that process. Practice session through mock calls are conducted before they start taking calls in the pilot run.

Process Migration

PentaServ Team understands the complexities involved in the migration of any process from one place to another. Therefore in order to have a smooth migration and transitioning of the process to PentaServ team works quite closely with the client’s migration/transitioning team.

The basic methodology followed in the migration process is: